Texas Dental Mentors

Mentorship is a developmental relationship between experienced and less experienced persons to achieve defined and time-limited knowledge and skill goals, generally based upon the examination content outline. In the present context, this will usually result in the person being mentored to have more refined skills as a quality professional, be better prepared to sit for certification, or prepare professionally to seek elected or appointed office, or all. Detailed program description, requirements and forms can be found on the Mentor and Mentee pages. If you are new in your role, have been in your role for some time but desire further growth, or seek to improve your skills in a particular topic, this program is for you.

The purpose of Texas Dental Mentors is to give recent dental grads a jump start to excellence in their dental practice. This training is provided in the dentists office. We give them direction in what supplies and equipment are necessary to gain excellence and what is not relevant.

Mentorship at Your Practice

Texas Dental Mentors now offers one to three day on-site sessions for new dentists focusing on general dentistry for dentists and dental assistants.

Sessions are conducted by our staff with over 45 years of experience in dentistry and 10+ years in dental education.

Topics We Cover Include

New Patient Experience, Treatment Conference, Dental Office, Anesthesia, Electrosurge, Rubber Dam, Composite, Crown Prep, Crown and bridge remover, Bellglass Seat, Endodontics, Nightguard Fabrication, NTI and more.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is not just a requirement for licensure, It is necessary to upgrade ones knowledge. It gives us the excitement to continue practicing.

We give advice about their practice, that when followed will make dentistry fun and exciting – NOT a job they will plan to retire from as soon as possible.

Texas Dental Mentors offers mentorship at your practice. Continuing Education is not just a requirement for licensure, it is necessary to upgrade one’s knowledge. It gives us the excitement to continue practicing.

My interest in Dentistry began in 1983 when I had my teeth treated at the University of Texas Dental School. I thought dentistry was a profession I could do, so I dropped my plans of becoming an FBI agent and concentrated on becoming a dentist.

With this in mind I enlisted in the US Army in September 1984 so I could attend their Dental Laboratory School. Following school I worked some in San Juan Puerto Rico. Later I was to become a Dental Assistant.

I was discharged froim the Army in August 1987 and enrolled at the University of Washington. Due to scholastic achievement in my 1st year of college, I was elected into the Phi Eta Sigma fraternity.

I started Dental School September 1989 at the University of Texas and graduated in June 1983.

In August 1983 I began dental practice near Westlake Village area and was associated with Dr.Victor in Austin, TX from 1983-1987.

From 1985-1987 I was enrolled in the Gerard Schultz Dental Reconstructive Study Club. It was at this time I attended a lecture by Robert Barkley on Preventive Dentistry. I was introduced to plaque and flossing as a means to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. A totally new concept at that time.

Prior to Dr.Barkley it was assumed that people would lose their teeth. A group was formed called the American Society of Preventive Dentistry – ASPD. This was the closest thing to a cult I ever experienced. I attended every national meeting from the first one in Chicago until the last in Colorado, when the organization dissolved.

I began Houston Dental practice in August 2009 and that practice continues to the present day. I started Dental Assistant Training Center with my wife, Barbara, in 2009 and we sold DATC to one of our instructors in June 2018.