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All online Continuing Texas Dental Education tutorials are fully internet interactive with instructors and students. Download and keep all of the PDF, MPEG, JPEG, GIF, MP3, WMV and VNC content. Explore all of the free services and publications. Apply now to earn high quality CDE credits, conveniently, at your own time and pace, and at greatly reduced costs.

The fee per credit hour is $33.30 after discount when purchasing 6 or more hours

Here are some of the Online Continuing Dental Education method features:

  • Open enrollment self study and scheduled instructor-led synchronous courses are available to all registrants.
  • The site meets ANSI/ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics Specification 1001
  • Exceptional course materials available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Direct communication with course authors
  • AGD CDE credit statements for classes which have one or more credit hour value are sent directly to your email and to the AGD

All Online Continuing Dental Education courses earn Academy of General Dentistry CDE credit and are useful for dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians, students and dental assistants.  All courses are illustrated, juried, evidence-based, referenced, and tested.

In addition to Online Continuing Dental Education courses, the Post Doctoral Dental Studies Institute offers these additional features:

  • Clinical CDE Programs
  • Simulation Continuing Dental Education Courses
  • Free monthly discussion groups to earn AGD CDE credit

We would be honored to have you join our growing list of satisfied students.  Please review the systems requirements.  If you are ready, you can apply for a class today.

Course Titles

Internet Participation for PDDSI
Digital Photography in Dentistry
Thinking: Critically, Expertly and Creatively
Dental Practice and Research
Systems Theory in Dentistry
Operational Engineering in Dentistry
Risk Management in Dentistry
Dental Biomechanics and Bioengineering
Dental Materials in Prosthodontics
Time and Wear In Dentistry
Quality Management in Dentistry
Etiology of Dental Disease
Edentulous Ridge Change and Bone Metabolism
Using Oral Mucosa to Support Dental Prosthetics
Restoring Occlusion in Patients with TM Disorders
Dysphagia in Dentistry
Dental Care of Velopharyngeal Insufficiency
Dental Aspects of Speech and Swallowing
Dentistry and Internal Medicine
Cognitive Process Management
Color Theory in Dentistry
Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Team Preparation in Dental Treatment
End Point in Dental Occlusion
Jaw Relation Record
Articulation and Mandibular Movement
Designing Occlusion Using Dental Articulators
Dental Occlusion
Opposing Complete Denture Care
Stat Denture
Single Denture Care
Over Denture Care
Immediate Insertion Dental Prosthesis
Removable Partial Denture
Split Framework Removable Partial Dentures
Dental Attachments and Stress Breakers
Crown and Bridge Restorations
Tooth Preparation for Crowns
Impression and Dies for Dental Crowns
Periodontal Surgery
Dental Implantology
Root Form Implant Theory
Dental Implant Surgery Hands-On Technique
Dental Implant Prothetics Hands-on Technique
Smooth Staple Implant Surgery
Smooth Staple Implant Prosthodontics
Applying Color in Dental Prosthesis
Professionally Assisted Whitening of Teeth
Cosmetics in Dentistry
Forensic Dentistry
Complete Denture Care, Clinical
Fixed Dental Restorations, Clinical
Dental Implant Surgery, Clinical
Removable Partial Denture – Clinical