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Central Texas dentistry is devoted to the enhancement of smiles. Your dentist evaluates the health and appearance of your teeth, recommending the best type of treatment for you, and thus crafting a more beautiful smile. At our clinic, we can craft a new, more beautiful smile for you through the following services.

It’s said a smile is worth a thousand words. Do you know how your smile impacts your life? A great smile naturally equals confidence. Not to mention, smiling puts you in a good mood and is contagious to those around you. People who smile are often considered more friendly, trustworthy and intelligent than their counterparts.  Do people not smile because they are angry and unhappy? Sometimes, but the reason most people don’t smile is that they are embarrassed by the condition and cosmetic appearance of their teeth. In addition to creating a poor first impression or skipping out on social situations, misaligned, stained or poor looking teeth can cause psychological issues.

Everyone skips brushing their teeth before bed once in a while, and it probably seems pretty harmless. However, just one skipped night of brushing opens the door to the establishment of plaque that can lead to decay and gum disease. The act of brushing disrupts the bacteria that are busy trying to attach themselves to your teeth and helps keep your teeth and gums healthy when performed every twelve hours or so. Doing a poor job of brushing can be almost as bad as not doing it at all; be careful to reach all the areas of your teeth, not just the visible parts, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub gently for two minutes each time.

Being comfortable with your dentist

For some, the main reason to avoid the dental chair has more to do with the fear that they’d like to admit. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past with dental pain or if the sound of dental instruments makes you want to run screaming from a room then you should know that not all dentists are alike. Our team takes extra time and precaution to ensure your dental visit is comfortable, calm and as soothing as possible. They will provide you with unique amenities such as pillows, blankets and video entertainment to calm your nerves and ease your fears. Plus, with the advancement of technology, the dentist office stigma has been erased of some of the dreaded sounds (and smells) of dental offices in the past.

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Are you too embarrassed by the current condition of your teeth to seek the assistance of a dentist? Most dentists have seen it all so there is nothing too embarrassing you could show them. It’s extremely important for you to seek the guidance of a dentist if you’ve avoided the chair for too long. Without the care of a dental professional, poor dental hygiene will turn into eventual tooth loss.  We strive to make every patient feel like an individual and promotes a positive and relaxing experience by pledging to make you comfortable by providing a pleasant environment with personalized care.

Investing in your health

Is cost holding you back from having the smile of your dreams? Your smile is a lifetime investment. Unlike other indulgences, your oral health should not be considered an optional expense. Just as it’s important to maintain overall good health with exercise and a proper diet, it’s equally important to invest in your oral healthcare.  Our administrative staff will work closely with you to explain payment options and devise a plan that fits within your budget.

These are the symptoms you need to fight for your smile.

Stains: Old fillings, an injury, smoking, or some kinds of food may cause stains. Brown or gray teeth, in particular, are often a side effect of medications taken in childhood. These stains can be easily got rid of by cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Crooked teeth

May develop during early childhood. Not having enough space to accommodate your teeth is most likely the result of your genetic heritage.

Red gums

Inflamed, puffy, red gums may bleed and pull away from the edges of your teeth. Inefficient or inadequate cleaning often causes unhealthy gums.


Missing teeth, gum disease or teeth too small for your mouth can produce gaps between your teeth. Usually, this is a genetic trait.

Rough shape

Injury or daily wear and tear can cause chips and fractures. A worn, flat look may result from grinding your teeth. Odd-shaped teeth may also be a genetic trait.

Uneven length

When your teeth are uneven in length, they can look out of proportion. Teeth that are too small or too big can be a genetic problem or the result of daily wear and tear or injury.

Discolored teeth

They will tend to stand out and the entire attention of the person speaking to you will be directed to that one tooth.