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The dentists at Southwest Texas Dental have enhanced skills to treat gum disease. The dentist will carefully check your gums to spot any signs of early gum disease and advise you on the health of your gums, and provide any necessary treatment. If you are worried that you may have gum disease or would just like some advise on how to prevent gum disease make an appointment today.

Teeth are attached to the jaw bones through a complex network of fibers (periodontal ligament). These fibres allow the teeth to move slightly during eating, they also tell your brain how hard you are biting on something. Under normal circumstances the periodontal attachment should last a lifetime.

Unfortunately about 66% of the  population are affected by gum disease (periodontitis). This disease process causes the periodontal attachment to be lost. This in turn causes the bone around the teeth to be destroyed. This process if left, eventually causes the teeth to become loose and lost. The disease process is usually painless in the initial stages, so can go undetected. The disease has been shown to have genetic links so can be passed down from parents to their children. Smokers are far more likely to get the gum disease and have more severe gum disease than non-smokers.

These foods can help brighten your teeth

If you’d like to whiten your teeth without bleaching kits or dental visits, there are a few foods that can help you reach that goal. The acids in strawberries are helpful at bleaching out stains, but can also erode enamel if you eat them too much, so stick to a handful a day. Dark chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine, which helps strengthen enamel. Cheese is great for those of us who want to protect our teeth without giving up coffee and red wine- nibbling cheese forms a temporary waxy coating on the teeth, helping to repel bacteria and stains.

Lowering anxiety levels may ease tooth grinding

Tooth grinding is incredibly common among adults in Texas, and many people don’t even know they do it. It’s often due to stress or anxiety and can cause a variety of dental health issues from jaw pain to cracked, loose or broken teeth. If your teeth show signs of grinding- flattened tips, indented tongue, regular facial or jaw pain- see your dentist and try to ease your stress levels. Remove caffeine from your daily diet, and stay away from alcohol as well. Try to be mindful of the way you’re holding your jaw throughout the day; concentrate on keeping it relaxed and in a natural position.