TAHQ Educational Grant Program

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To promote criteria-based opportunities for TAHQ members to obtain professional development in healthcare quality by periodically awarding educational grants as funds are available.

Amount of Grant:
Amount of the grant will be for at least a minimum amount of $150 provided there are sufficient funds available including any necessary surplus to ensure that the financial institution’s minimum balance requirements are satisfied.

  1. Applicants must be a current member of TAHQ in their second year of membership.
  2. An applicant must not have been awarded a TAHQ educational grant during the previous calendar year. The receipt of other scholarships or educational grants from other organizations does not in any way disqualify an applicant from receiving a TAHQ educational grant.
  3. Acceptable educational experience include, but are not limited to:
    1. Academic credit or non-credit courses;
    2. Conferences, e.g., NAHQ Annual Conference, seminars, workshops, symposiums or other professional development experiences provided that the experience totals at least one full day.
    3. Nontraditional courses, e.g., web-based course, self-study, or other offerings provided that the necessary documentation of enrollment or registration can be shown;
    4. Regardless of the type of educational experience, there must be a minimum of one full day.
  4. Educational grants will not be awarded to pay for any examination fees, such as the CPHQ; however, educational grants may be offered for enrollment in preparatory courses for such examinations. Grant monies for travel or lodging will be awarded as follows: 1) Lodging reimbursement will not exceed $120.00 per day; 2) Transportation cost including air travel will be reimburse up to $300.00 per grant.  Mileage will be reimbursed at the current “rate”;  3) Cost of educational resources such as the CPHQ Handbook by Janet Brown, Q-Solutions, and CPHQ Secrets up to $200.00; 4) Grant will not be used to pay for baggage fees, taxi or shuttle service, and rental car.
  5. If awarded the grant, applicant agrees to do one of the following within 1 year of receiving the grant: 1) Author an article of at least 500-words on some topic related to the conference, 2) Volunteer at the annual TAHQ conference, or 3) Present some aspect of knowledge learned at the conference to a TAHQ local affiliate meeting. Failure to do so will result in the recipient repaying the grant to TAHQ.
  6. All materials submitted will be reviewed by the appropriate person or committee prior to being presented and/or published.
  7. The TAHQ Education committee has the option to offer an extension for extenuating circumstances.


  1. Applications must include:
    1. Brief statement of the applicant’s learning goals as they related to healthcare quality;
    2. Brief description of the applicant’s intended educational experience/program and how it will assist him or her to meet the stated learning goals;
    3. Brief statement of current professional involvement in healthcare quality;
    4. Copy of current resume

Application must be received 21 days prior to the earliest registration deadline.
The Education Committee will consider only completed applications.
Upon receipt of the educational grant application, the Education Committee will consider the following when reviewing applications:

  1. The clarity of the applicant’s stated learning goal(s).
  2. Extent of the applicant’s professional involvement in healthcare quality;
  3. Duration, intensity and other factors that the Education Committee believes contribute to the merits of the educational experience; 

Recipients will be notified within 14 days of receipt of the application. Expenses will be reimbursed once all receipts have been submitted.  Any questions related to the grant or application can be directed to the TAHQ Office.

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