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Dear TAHQ Members and Friends,

Please join us and embrace 2016 as an exciting year bursting with opportunity to fulfill our mission to promote excellence and professionalism in healthcare through educational opportunities in the advancement of theory, policy and practice of quality. As healthcare is continuously changing, we too are continuously improving our Association to broaden our reach and collaborate with like-minded organizations. If you are not already a member, I personally invite you to take a closer look at TAHQ and to join in our efforts.

We have an energetic and diverse Board committed to delivering value to our members and partners. These include our Annual Conference in the Fall, CPHQ Review and Boot Camp Courses, Mentorship, partnerships with groups in related disciplines that allow members to participate in their offerings at member-rates, frequent email Blasts and monthly webinars, for nearly all of which we attain continuous education credit through our Providership with TNA. Credit for CPHQ is often available as well.

We remain a partner with Texas Team Advancing Health through Nursing. This coalition is bringing to life IOM's aims to improve healthcare through advancing nurse education, promoting inter-professional collaboration, and securing nursing's role as true leaders guiding the future of healthcare.
If you are already a member of one of our five geographically dispersed Local Associations, know that we are likewise committed to giving our local associations a strong voice in TAHQ, serving their needs, and to partnering with them to better meet the needs of Texas quality professionals on a local level.

TAHQ has an exciting and ambitious agenda for 2016. I personally invite you to become an active and fully engaged TAHQ member. Bring your insights, energy and expertise to us! You may contact me at jack@jpandacorp.com or our Executive Administrator at info@txquality.org.


Jack L. Peterson, MS, FAAMA, CPHQ
President, 2016



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